2. Overview of the WordPress User Interface

Overview of WordPress User Interface (Beginner)

This video explains the basic layout of the WordPress user interface including the top and left menu bar which allows you to perform most functions you need to edit your website. The difference between between posts and pages are explained as well as how to log out.

The Top Bar

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you login. This gives you an overview of your website including the latest published posts and the different things you can do with your site. Generally you don’t do much from this page but it’s good to know what it is.

The bar across the top contains some noteworthy objects. The “W” (WordPress) logo help you go back, or return to home if you’re in an edit screen. Where you see the name of your website, you can click to preview your site. Clicking here will open a menu that can log you out. On the far top right corner you can see your login name. If you click your login name you will see the option to log out.

The Left WordPress Menu Bar

The important items you will be using on the left menu bar are:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media

The Difference Between Posts and Pages

Pages are static and don’t often (but can) change. These are usually represented by the menu items on your website. Pages are edited or created by the Nicepage page builder.

Posts are a collection of information or articles that are typically updated or appended and organized by category or categories. Common examples are a “News” section of your website, or a collection of articles on a particular topic. Posts are are edited by using the WordPress post editor.