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 do i need a website?

In the age of social media, one might ask if they need a website.   The answer of course is … YES!   If you’re serious about your business, band or brand, you need to show your customers you’re serious.  How can you ask people to invest in your product and service when there is no investment in your own website?

Having a social media presence is great, but the purpose of social media is to attract business to your website.  This is because social media’s objective is to market you as their product on their terms.  Your webpage is gives you 100% control of how you market your product or service. 


 Like many things, the price of your website depends.  To have a professional hand-coded website done for you it could cost thousands of dollars.  An e-commerce website can be as much as $10,000.  As a result, most small businesses will choose to have their websites done in a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Wix.  This makes page creation much easier, and no programming knowledge is required.  This means a lot of the creation and editing you can do yourself.  All you have to do is learn is how to use this system.   This is where Fast Forward Studios can help you. 

 The problem with content management systems such as Wix is they’re designed by technical people for technical people.  Technical people don’t often understand the psychology behind their users, especially beginners with no experience. Fast Forward Studios has put together a combination of editors that offers the best combination of power, design aesthetics, flexibility, and ease of use.  Our personalized training is explained at a layperson’s level - no jargon or “techie speak”.  In addition, we’ll do all the design and set up of your website to provide you with a blank canvas to write your content.  If you’re busy focused on your business, band or brand, we can do the work for you.  We have flexible plans depending on how "hands-on" you want to be… 


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