Modern Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

What is the Modern Events Calendar?

The Modern Events Calendar (MEC) is a great plugin for your WordPress site to display events. It has a clean, polished look to it with many customizable options to display events in a neat, orderly fashion. Compared to similar options available, it is relatively easy to use employing set-up wizards to guide you through the process of configuring your calendars and adding events.


  • Display your events in a list in posts or pages
  • Visitors can sort by categories, or search
  • Relatively easy to use with wizards that walk you through the process
  • Export events to Google Calendars, or Apple Calendars
  • Events can be shared via social media links

Demonstration Video

The Modern Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

Video Points of Interest:

Point of InterestTime (mm:ss)
What is the Modern Events Calendar plugin?00:00
What is great about this plugin?00:27
What does Modern Events Calendar look like?00:41
Adding event categories.02:19
Adding an event.04:31
Adding event locations.05:43
The event organizer.06:35
Event description.07:19
Featured image.07:53
Filtering your list of events.10:39
Displaying events on your website.11:37
What are short codes.11:49
What do short codes look like?12:09
How to add a short code.12:23
How to customize the Single Event (Event Detail).13:13
Excluding/ including expired events.13:39
Using Nicepage to add a list of events.14:31
NIcepage: Adding a blank block.15:19
Nicepage: Moving blocks.15:29
Nicepage: Adding the short code element.15:53
NIcepage: Formatting an element.16:13
Nicepage: Adding a header to a block.17:18
Nicepage: Setting margins for an element.17:50
Nicepage: How to enter a short code in the short code element.18:20
Nicepage: Previewing your page.19:06
Displaying events in a post.20:16
WordPress: Editing a post.20:46
Adding the Modern Events Calendar to a post.21:02
WordPress: Previewing a post.21:38
Styling the main colour in Modern Events Calendar.22:20
Editing the Single Event/ Event Detail in Modern Events Calendar37:06