Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode

Before you do any major edits or additions, you should put your website in “maintenance mode”. This is so a visitor doesn’t show up half way through an edit and thinks there is a problem with your website. Please remember to take your website OUT of maintenance mode when you’re done. It’s very easy to do this and can result in a loss of visitors to your website.

The maintenance mode is brought to you via a plugin so to access this plugin you need to use the left menu of WordPress and click/ hover over “Settings” and select “WP Maintenance Mode”. From here you can activate maintenance mode which will effectively display a splash screen with a message rather than your website.

Even more importantly, don’t forget to take your website out of maintenance mode when you’re done. It’s very easy to forget and can result in a loss in visitors.

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  1. hi Shane,
    thanks for this.. I just had a quick peek.
    I note that the text here goes off to the right and it’s difficult to scroll to see it.

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